Welcome to Gil Porter's Web Pages

UPDATE 5 November 2017. Please report any strange behaviour to the webmaster..

Note that most features are for registered members only, and registration is by invitation via the Webmaster only.

This is a family oriented interest site hence most pages are accessible to registered users only. The user name and password access is through Webmaster and is restricted to family and relatives.

This is now on an updated Joomla version. There are changes to the layout and access to some parts as we have revised things.

The site mostly holds Insect Weeklies with family news and some other information as produced by Airlie.

Areas on the website, (registered users) that are available include...

  •  The newsletter - Airlie's Illustrated Insect Weekly (Registered users only)

  •  News sections

 * Gallery - Family pix from slides taken up to over 60 years agp